• Felicia Mesadieu


The word "hurry" is probably one of my least favorite words to say and hear. It seems like I am always in a hurry to: workout, groom myself, get dressed, run errands, get to work, shop, go to appointments. It doesn't matter what the task is; I seem to always be in a hurry to do what I need to do. It can also be very challenging for me to find an easy outfit when I am in rush that still allows me to look pulled together. As much as I love dressing up and just being super over the top and extra.....I have to admit that I love being in sweats twice as much. It's just something about feeling extremely free and comfortable in your clothes when you are in a rush.

Looking back I haven't always made the most fashionable decisions when I was in a hurry to get dress. When I am in a rush I don't want to think about what I have to wear. I just want it to be available and ready to grab. I also want it to be easy to put on and stylish (I call this my lazy style day). Now that I have more experience with clothes and dressing myself; I realize that there are ways to still look like I gave a damn while still feeling comfortable in my clothes.

I created a video for all the ladies who understand my pain when it comes to dressing yourself in hurry.

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