• Felicia Mesadieu

How To Wear Puff Sleeves This Fall 2019

Is it me or does it seem like exaggerated sleeves and shoulders find a way to reinvent themselves season after season. It seems like they truly never phase out. I'm starting to think it's a becoming a classic...wait....FRANTICALLY PUMPING THE BREAKS ON THAT ONE...perhaps I went to far (reaching for the galaxy of style wannabes). This sleeve keeps reincarnating itself giving me total fashion nostalgic imagery of 80's supreme strong shoulders and historical royalty costumes. One thing is for sure, this trend has found it's way back onto our radar and it's in the form of a modern day puff sleeve for 2019. It is definitely one of the hottest trends for fall and although this trend may not be well suited for every figure, it still deserves a little acknowledgement. In today's video post I will be discussing the Puff Sleeve trend for 2019.

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