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How To Wear Printed Shorts | Fashion Over 30 | #TargetStyle

Wearing printed bottoms can be rather intimidating, especially if you are officially over the age of 30. A lot of us 30 somethings are looking to purchase hip and chic clothes that allow us to be perceived as stylish but also mature. Unfortunately, prints don't always sit well with our age group and end up getting over looked. This makes me extremely disappointed, because you ladies are passing up on clothes that you think are too loud for your age group. You are passing up on prints that you may ACTUALLY LIKE OR EVEN LOVE.....STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!

There will be no more of you ostracizing prints and patterns because you are scared to look immature or corny. On this day of August 27, 2018 at 10:24 pm --- I am sitting here and typing; pouring out all of my feelings to let you know that you can have your cake and eat it too.

I am a firm believer that printed garments can still be very chic and fabulous for 30 somethings. They are a great addition to add variety to your wardrobe. I personally love printed tops, dresses and bottoms. I think the right print can definitely be fresh and stylish. I am also a firm believer that most printed bottoms can be a success if worn with the right top.

I spotted these awesome printed leaf shorts from the Who What Wear collection x Target and of course I had to adopt them for my closet. After becoming the new legal guardian of these printed bottoms; I decided to pair them with a solid white collar button down from A New Day x Target.

Printed bottoms can be very busy at times and draw a lot of attention to your figure. Everyone has their own preference of how they want their outfit put together. Depending on your style you may want to take a more edgy and fashion forward approach by wearing a printed top or experiment with some texture.

But, if you are a bit more simplistic in your approach to style (OR JUST PLAIN NEW TO THIS STYLE THING)..... then I suggest you pumping the breaks. Try wearing a solid color top to balance out the look... (very similar to what I have done in these pictures). A cotton top works well in most cases and is a fabric that I like to gravitate to. I find that in most cases when it comes to wearing printed bottoms that less may be more. I confidently say this "cliche" phrase with ease because the printed shorts are already serving the masses MORE!!!!! Let your bottoms do all the WORK sometimes, girl!

I love how these shorts remind me of the palm tree / leaf trend that seems to be extremely popular these days in clothes and decor.

The fit on these shorts are very forgiving and I am wearing a size 8. The fabric is so comfortable and feels really good on my skin. I remember when I use to purchase and wear fabrics that gave me so much discomfort ( but I made the sacrifice because I wanted to be CUTE!!!).....BUT WHY BE CUTE WHEN YOU CAN LOOK AND FEEL FABULOUS IN YOUR CLOTHES?!....The touch of fabric is very important to me now that I am 33; and if the fabric doesn't feel good on my skin then I am chucking up the deuces.

OKAY...GET READY FOR IT....THE ACCESSORIES. (This is the part where I like to exhibit my own personal style.) Statement jewelry is my signature. I will likely always have a piece of statement jewelry on.

I accessorized with a dusty celeste and gold statement necklace for a contrast splash of color (most times I like to get fancy with my accessories and I try my best give a contrast in color in proportion to the clothes that I am wearing.)

I sported black pumps and a vintage purse to pull out the black from the base of the shorts. I also accessorized with some big gold hoops, because I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't have on earrings.

I will NEVER....EVER...EVER...EVER be caught photographed without earrings (it's a Felicia cardinal sin). Earrings transform my face (NO LIE)...am I the only one who believes this? The hoops were statement enough for my taste, but simple enough to be paired with my necklace.

I always have to remind myself not over do it with the accessories. These are my only and favorite shades at the moment from A New Day x Target.

P.S.... I only have about 8 pairs of shoes and I plan to wear these pumps until the heels fall off. I wonder how long I can get away with wearing them without breaking down and buying some new ones.

Top - Target (here) , Bottoms - Target (here), Shoes (old) Purse - Vintage, Necklace (old), Earrings ( Target), Sunglasses - Target (here)

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