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Ditch the Necklace and Try a Scarf

I have been itching to try this mini square scarf neck tie trend. I hate that is considered a trend, because it really is such a classic look. It has a very sophisticated element to it. I had no idea what to wear with this blue v-neck crepe dress that I recently purchased from Target. I knew that I didn't want a typical accessorized look ( which usually consists of statement necklaces). I also did not want to sport a bare neck. I took a creative leap of faith and tried something a little different by pairing it with a scarf.

I can't take all the style credit for myself. I work at Target and I was recently approached by at least 3 young ladies on 3 different occassions (THAT'S A TREND FOR YOU) each one wearing a bandanna around their necks tied in this very classy way.The scarves transformed their rather basic outfits into something very chic and interesting. There outfits were totally different than mine, but I couldn't help but notice how they jazzed up very simple outfits with a scarf neck tie. I couldn't get those scarves out of my mind. They truly were my inspiration for this look coupled with the fact that I absolutely love seeing mini silk scarves tied around a neck. I am definitely serving flight attendant chicness right about now. If you ever get tired of wearing necklaces try replacing your necklace with a scarf to add some flair to your outfit.

This dress can certainly be worn without a belt, but I have gained a little weight in my midsection, so I created some shape to the dress by adding a twisted belt. Creating shape to the dress helped to enhance the illusion of a medium-slim figure. I added a punch of color with my thrifted red clutch. This clutch has definitely held up over the years, as I purchased it over seven or eight years ago. The sunglasses are probably my absolute favorite accessory of this outfit.

I seriously can't even believe that I purchased over 75% of this outfit look from Target. Even my sandals are from Target. I purchased them in 2015. Target definitely has the keys when it comes to budget friendly style. I will be doing a Target Haul very soon my blog and YouTube channel. I want to style several pieces and share my looks. Stay tuned.

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