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A Classic Summer Dress | What to Wear In Your 30's

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Today was my first street style photo shoot with my photographer and I decided to wear a very classic summer wrap dress. I purchased this pale blue J.O.A Cold Shoulder Wrap Ruffle Dress from Shop Bop in the latter part of 2017. When I first saw this dress I was completely mesmerized by the exaggerated ruffle detail in the bodice of the dress.

It's definitely the type of dress that you can wear to any event and look effortlessly pulled together. The wrap detail gives it a very classic feminine touch. I paired this dress with some 4 inch heels, sandalwood brown sandals that I purchased in 2015 from Nine West. The shoes are STILL GETTING THE JOB DONE! My bag definitely needs an upgrade, but it's functional and complimented the look. I through in a punch of color with my yellow tassel statement earrings. I think all of the colors I paired together complimented one another.

Style Tips:

As a 30 something fashion blogger, I have definitely questioned some of my dress selections. I often wonder am I dressing my age? Is this dress dated or does it make me look too old? Does this dress look too young? Do I look like I'm trying to be younger than what I am? Does this dress flatter my 30 something shape? I find that the key to dressing in your 30's is ultimately looking pulled together in an ensemble that actually fits and flatters your shape. If you don't have the time, energy or imagination to piece an outfit together; then your best option would be a dress that does all the work for you. It's all in the details so choose a dress with details that communicate "I have style". Details doesn't always mean a loud or abstract pattern A dress can be a solid color with significant details that stand out. (Examples of details: buttons, exposed zippers, piping, intricate collars and necklines, ruffles, exaggerated fabric, off the shoulder, asymmetry, subtle patterns and unique fabrics.) There are some many classic summer dresses, but one will always hold true. A classic summer dress will always be feminine. So embrace all those feminine summer dresses this season.

This dress was purchased on a final sale markdown $28.50. It is sold out, but I found something similar here and here.


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