• Felicia Mesadieu

In order to dress your body well, you must understand the composition of your body. This means that you are aware of your body's shape and what compliments it's composition and what DOES NOT! Once you have an understanding of this concept then you will be one step closer to making the best clothing selections for your shape. In this post I will be introducing to you the "Inverted Triangle Shape" also known as a :"Bigger on the Top." There will be a detailed list of items that best compliment this body shape and things that do not.

The power a of well dressed woman should never be underestimated. A woman with polished style has the ability to make many things work in her favor. At the core of every well dressed woman is a woman who is very aware of her body and what garments should be adorned with it. Learning how to dress your body is an extremely critical skill that must used when building a fabulous and sustainable wardrobe. I started a new style series to help aspiring stylistas understand the basics of dressing for their body types to achieve the perfect wardrobe.

  • Felicia Mesadieu

Is it me or does it seem like exaggerated sleeves and shoulders find a way to reinvent themselves season after season. It seems like they truly never phase out. I'm starting to think it's a becoming a classic...wait....FRANTICALLY PUMPING THE BREAKS ON THAT ONE...perhaps I went to far (reaching for the galaxy of style wannabes). This sleeve keeps reincarnating itself giving me total fashion nostalgic imagery of 80's supreme strong shoulders and historical royalty costumes. One thing is for sure, this trend has found it's way back onto our radar and it's in the form of a modern day puff sleeve for 2019. It is definitely one of the hottest trends for fall and although this trend may not be well suited for every figure, it still deserves a little acknowledgement. In today's video post I will be discussing the Puff Sleeve trend for 2019.

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